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Many people in Texas nowadays use mortgage loans to buy themselves a house. More often than not, the lender is Citi Bank. But the problem is, life is unfair sometimes and many of us become unable to continue with the payments. After the first month’s missed payment an automated notice is received informing about the foreclosure, which starts to get implemented after three-six months depending on the contract.

It’s very painful to lose your home due to foreclosure, simply because you are unable to continue your payments. There might be tons of reasons for this that do not have anything to do with you, but the process is going to commence regardless unless you get help as soon as possible. Foreclosure is a very long process, which takes about 8-10 years to recover from, and on top of losing your home, you are risking the loss of your credit, which will affect your car loan or some credit card appliances, not to mention lost job positions.

Fortunately, not all is lost when you are faced with a foreclosure. Save My Texas Home offers free services to people who find themselves in seemingly hopeless situations. The service works with all the major lenders, including banks, and acts as a mediator between you and your lender, providing the most suitable solution for each individual case, while acting on your behalf.

There are many ways to get foreclosure help, since each case is different and requires assessment, please contact us and we can go through all the options in your case. Below are some of the options we commonly utilize to offer foreclosure help to Texans, but we also come up with custom solutions in many cases. Call us at 512-271-5044 or fill out the form.

Loan Modification

Even if you are faced with a foreclosure, doesn’t necessarily mean there is no way out. Borrowers can apply for loan modification if they are eligible to do so. Eligibility depends on the specifications of an individual case. If you are having problems with loan modifications, can help you out.

During an assessment it will be determined if you are qualified to apply for loan modification and our service will offer you the most comfortable solution in terms of reducing interest rates or reducing payments. This is a good solution for those individuals that have temporary financial issues.

Sell your home and rent it for yourself

This is an efficient way to handle foreclosure if you want to save yourself the trouble of moving out of your house, while trying to find somewhere else to live and move all your possessions. We can help you find an investor who will buy your house and then rent it back to you, allowing you to stay in your home. The investor will pay an amount to the lender to reinstate your mortgage and then continue paying your mortgage in your stead and you will be able to stay as a renter.

Fast Selling

If you have very little time left already and really need to sell your house right now, we can help you find a trusted investor who will buy your house for cash. The advantage is that if you are selling something for cash, you get your money very quickly and don’t need to wait for any buying problems that may arise, for example taking a loan.

We all face difficulties at some points in our life, but people shouldn’t be losing their houses just because they encounter some hardships. Contact us for a free assessment free foreclosure help every step of the way. We will help you find the best way to halt your foreclosure and keep it from happening in the future.

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