How Mortgage Assignment stops foreclosure in Texas

As long as a borrower’s mortgage is assumable mortgage assignment can be a solution to stop foreclosure. An assumable mortgage means the borrower is allowed to transfer the entire loan obligation to someone else. How mortgage assignment stops foreclosure is the new holder of deed pays off the lender so the debt is satisfied, which stops the foreclosure process in its tracks.

Mortgage assignment is typically beneficial to the borrower because they can make some money from the sale of the house, in addition to stopping foreclosure and saving all the pitfalls associated with that, such as avoiding big hits to their credit.

Mortgage assignment is useful for the investor and lender because it assures the lender will not lose money on the property by having to pay for all the fees associated with foreclosing and auctioning the house, and fees to re-list and so on. Naturally, it is useful for the investor because they then have a property to add to their portfolio, which they can then improve and turn around and sell to a new buyer.

Mortgage assignment stops foreclosure in Texas by paying off the borrower’s debt, but our mortgage assignment services at Save My Texas Home don’t have to stop there. We can help borrowers figure out a way to stay in the house, find a new home, or explore other options. Our team of professionals has helped hundreds of Texas families stop foreclosure, save their credit and move on to success at homeownership.

Give Save My Texas Home a call today at 512-271-5044 or fill out the form on the right to find out if mortgage assignment stops foreclosure in your case or if there are even better solutions that would be more beneficial. In many cases there are at least a couple of options that end up being better suited for a given case than what the client first assumes their best option to be!

We have a team of professionals standing by to offer you free consultation and the assistance doesn’t stop there. We will help you put together a game plan and walk you through every step of the process until you are safely out of danger. If you keep your house or buy a new one, we will also help you come up with a solid plan so that you never have to face the danger of home foreclosure again!

But to use mortgage assignment to stop foreclosure, or any other option, you must contact professionals for assistance. The sooner you contact someone the more options you will have to save your home and your credit. There are many free programs and government agencies who can help. If you don’t have the time to contact them yourself, let us evaluate which ones are suitable for your case and we will contact them for you!

Let us help save your home today!

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