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Foreclosures are nothing new in Texas, where thousands of families each year fight to keep their homes. A mix-up led Bill and Pam Marquis to almost lose their house. The Marquis’ story brings up the question, how hard would you fight to keep your home? The couple started to notice something was fishy and called the company they thought held their mortgage loan. They learned the mortgage loan had been sold to two other companies and the couple was not notified. The sale of the loan began the mix-up; the company holding the couple’s mortgage thought the couple had not been making the mortgage payment.

The Marquises got another surprise when they called their mortgage holder. The company did not have the house address correct, so delinquent notices were being sent to the wrong address. The couple never got the notices. Thanks to the previous companies bookkeeping, their new mortgage lender thought they were taking care of the couple’s insurance and told the couple they had not paid their taxes. The couple’s perilous woe may be a cautionary tale for other homeowners who are fighting to keep their house. It is best to be proactive in your fight to keep your house, as the Marquises were.

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What should you do if you are struggling to keep your Home?

The Marquis’ tale did not end, but not until the couple received an eviction notice, got a TV reporter involved, did they finally receive good news a week after the eviction notice. They could keep their house, but the company was still trying to resolve errors involving their account. Hopefully your fight to keep your home will not be as dramatic as the Marquis’.

What should you do if you are facing the foreclosure process? Keep in mind Texas’s foreclosure process can take around two months. This includes the time when you first receive the notice you are in default to the foreclosure auction. If you are behind on the mortgage payments, do not wait until you receive a notice. You have to fight to keep your home now.

How long do you have before you must move out and end your fight to keep your Home?

The process varies from lender to lender and largely depends on how fast your lender acts. Texas does not require a judge to order a foreclosure, so it is best to be very proactive in your fight to keep your home. If you are behind on payments, think of ways you could raise the capital to make those payments and save your house. If you need options of what you can do if you are fighting foreclosure or behind on payments, give us a call. We can offer you solutions at no cost to you.

Is the best solution a short sale, or one of the other Options for Texas Homeowners? Our specialists can review all the options with you and help you find a solution that will allow you to keep your home. Give us a call at 512-271-5044.






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