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Thousands of Texans are asking how to ‘save my home from foreclosure’; you’re not alone. Many homeowners from various walks of life are struggling to keep up on mortgage payments and are looking for ways to alleviate stress as well as keep their homes.

If you’re behind in mortgage payments but have not yet received a notice of foreclosure, unfortunately that will happen unless you do something to get on top of things again. Don’t wait for that to happen before asking ‘how do I save my home from foreclosure’.

You can contact Save My Texas Home even if you aren’t yet facing foreclosure and we will help you put together a plan that will save your house from foreclosure and make sure it never falls into jeopardy again.

But I’m already in deep water, how do I save my home from foreclosure?

Time is the most important aspect here. Many homeowners having trouble with their mortgages don’t realize how many options they have available to them. Furthermore, those options start to narrow down every day or week that goes by. There are over 10 options available for Texans to save their homes from foreclosure, and if you contact us as early on in the process you will have access to most of those options.

However, if you wait, the available options to stop foreclosure drop to fewer and fewer until there are only a few that will work to stop the foreclosure process at that late date. It’s in your best interest to call us today (512-271-5044) so we can utilize as many programs, agencies and other options as possible.

Keep in mind that although the foreclosure process in Texas can take as long as two months, it can also be over in as few as 41 days from the time you receive notice of foreclosure, so your time is really limited! That said, even if you don’t have much time left, there are still options. Give us a call or fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you quickly with a solid plan of action.

What can Save My Texas Home do to save my home from foreclosure?

There are a number of options we regularly employ to stop foreclosure and get our clients on the road to recover so they never have to face the foreclosure nightmare again.

As far as which option if best for you, it really depends on your unique circumstances, but we try to make sure that bankruptcy is the very last option because it’s really not a good option and only delays foreclosure.

Contact us as soon as possible and we will walk you through all option and help you decide which one is best for you. Our services are always free and we will walk you through the plan of your choice, assisting every step of the way.

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