If are not able to make your mortgage payments, or are already facing home foreclosure, it’s critical that you take action now!

You should never pay for professional foreclosure assistance. Beware of companies who offer ‘guaranteed foreclosure help’ and those who charge for their services. There are many legitimate housing counselors who specialize in foreclosure prevention and related types of assistance.

Here at SaveMyTexasHome we offer free assistance to all Texas homeowners. Just fill out the form to the right or call us today at 512-271-5044 to get started with an evaluation.

In as little as a few days we can help you determine which of several foreclosure prevention options is right for you and your circumstances.

What to Expect

It usually takes a couple days for us to look into your case and get back to you with an idea of your best moves. To help things move along as quickly as possible, when you first contact us, please have the following items ready.

  • Your mortgage loan number
  • The last 6 digits of your SSN
  • Proof of funds in your bank account(s)
  • Time (2-5 business days)

It can also be helpful to have

  • most recent tax return
  • a letter describing any circumstances that may have caused your income to become reduced, such as divorce, job loss, illness, etc.

Time is of the Essence

The most important thing is that you don’t put off contacting a qualified foreclosure assistance professional before it’s too late. There are many options available, and the sooner you contact us, the more of those options we can offer you.

Our goal is to help stop foreclosure on your home, also to save your credit and come up with a game plan for the future so that your house is never in danger of ending up on a foreclosure list again.

We will not only show you which options are available, but we will work with you as liaison between you and other agencies. Whether that means negotiating with your lender, or government agencies, we will be there with you every step of the way.

And when your house is no longer in danger of being foreclosed upon, we’ll help you make sure to plan for a future where your house remains secure so you’ll never again have to go through the stress that the threat of foreclosure can cause.

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