Bank of America tries to evict couple: what it takes to delay Foreclosure

Is a bank, such as Bank of America, allowed to operate under the laws of where they are headquartered? Must they operate in the state where they are trying to foreclose on a house? The Texas-based banking giant faced this question when it tried to evict Samuel and Courtney Adamson from their Utah home. The couple argued the Texas-based mortgage holder did not follow the Utah state law. Under Utah state law, a judge must approve a foreclosure auction.

The couple had lived in their house for years without making mortgage payments. They fell behind on their mortgage in 2007. By 2010, Bank of America tried to sell the couple’s house to Distressed Asset Solutions, a San Diego company. The couple said the sale was illegal because the Texas-based bank followed Texas foreclosure rule and not Utah regulations. According to Utah law, a judge must decide if a couple is in foreclosure. No one consulted a judge. A judge decided the couple was right in 2012. Bank of America did not need to evict the couple or cause their house to be put in foreclosure. The judge said the bank could not evict the couple; they were not in foreclosure. The bank took their house without proper cause. A judge ruled the banking giant could not seize the house; the couple got their house back.

It may not be your typical foreclosure case; the Adamsons will to do what it takes to delay foreclosure. How does a couple get out of a foreclosure? It may be a longer process; there is a process to follow.

Get permission first before you try to delay a foreclosure

Your mortgage lender may not want to provide a loan modification, so you can delay a foreclosure. A third party may try. A specialist from Save My Texas Home and Bank of America can discuss a foreclosure case, if there is a written agreement. This written agreement allows third parties to help families. These families want to do what it takes to delay foreclosure. The mortgage borrower must sign it first. Then, couples are on the way to beginning the process for getting back their Texas home.

Without proper authorization, it may be hard to do what it takes to delay foreclosure. A couple needs to send a certified letter to the bank. It may help them in their fight against foreclosure. It allows specialists, from Save My Texas Home, to give money to a mortgage lender. The money is given as a gift. It is important a payment is sent as a gift, because couples may have to pay additional tax on payments that are not ‘gifts.’ Couples could go into deeper debt. Their house may be in foreclosure. The sad truth is filing for foreclosure it could be seen as a financial gain. It would not be a financial gain, in certain circumstances. If the payment is not a gift, a couple may not get any financial benefit from a house that is in foreclosure. Couples must do what it takes to delay foreclosure. They want to keep from their house from being sold at a foreclosure auction.

A specialist may invest time into the task of saving a couple’s house. The reality is this would not be possible without several key pieces of information, such as the couple’s loan number and the last six numbers of the social security number. This information is needed to help couples do what it takes to delay foreclosure. If an expert has your account number, they can tell what payments have been made. This information helps experts know that a bank is accessing the right account number. An expert can help you fight foreclosure. They may not be able to help; they do not have access to your account. Many specialists help families and couples keep a house. To do this, the bank does need proof a family has the funds in the account.

This proof may mean more than to have a verbal confirmation. A couple may need to provide paper statements about their account history. To authorize proof, this may mean more. It may mean a bank must audit a couple’s account. It may require a couple to verify their records. This is an important step in doing what it takes to delay a foreclosure. It may help end the foreclosure process quickly, too.

It may take two to five days to make sure the funds are in a couple’s account. Couples may be prepared to do what it takes to delay foreclosure. If couples are willing to do what it takes, they will save their Texas homes. They need to have a solid plan, so they can pay off their remaining mortgage loan and not be delinquent. Organizations, such as Save My Texas Home, helps hundreds of Texas families save their homes. It is a good option for homeowners, who want to have foreclosure alternatives. Many simply do not know where to look. This organization works with government and non-government agencies. If you need help saving your Texas home, you can call Save My Texas Home, today, at 512-271-5044. You can visit them online at,

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