Citi Bank tries to take military service member's house: what it takes to delay Foreclosure?

Citi Bank is not the only mortgage loan holder to try to foreclose a soldier’s house, illegally. Some families do not know what it takes to delay foreclosure. Did you know fighting a pending foreclosure may help some couples and families keep their Texas homes?

For many borrowers, the list of demands from banks can make it hard for mortgage loan borrowers to comply. It may be easy to lose a house because families do not have an advocate to help them through the foreclosure process. Families find themselves in foreclosure and they may want to call an organization like Save My Texas Home.

You may get further in the foreclosure process, if you look for someone willing to invest time into helping you save your Texas home. No one says you will not do what it takes to delay foreclosure. It may speed the process along, if you have a specialist to help.

Military members may need assistance to delay foreclosure

The first step to being able to delay or stop a foreclosure requires military members to get a spokesperson. A specialist has the authorization to talk to Citi Bank about your account. You do not need to be a military member to get the help you need; you will do what it takes to delay foreclosure. As long as you have documentation, you have the authorization to discuss your account information. A bank can help you. They will assist you.

What it takes to delay foreclosure means you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s in writing. It is not easy to undergo the foreclosure process. Save my Texas Home can help you to make process with the bank. Many borrowers may not know what to do without a specialist that is waiting in the wings.

Is it a gift or taxable?

One of the big questions an investor can answer is, if your payment a gift or is it taxable. Think before you answer. If it is a gift and you are giving it to an investor to put towards a payment on your mortgage loan, you may not have to pay tax or have the tax-deferred. If it is not a gift, you could pay taxes on the money and it could lead to you increase the debt you owe. How much tax you pay depends on what the payment is designated. If it is taxable, you could owe more than before you applied to delay foreclosure.

When in doubt, ask your investor. He can explain the foreclosure laws. You do not want to delay foreclosure and end up with a large amount of debt, thanks to a payment not being received as a gift. An investor can make sure all documentation is sent, so you can make a gift payment.

Do not forget to give a specialist the last six numbers of your social security number and your loan account number. It may help to talk. Specialists have experience, because they have had to delay a foreclosure. They can help you get through the process. It may be your first time to seek a delay of a foreclosure. It does not mean you must go through the process all alone.

Make an official request to Citi Bank to postpone your foreclosure

All requests must be in writing. Your specialist can do this on your behalf. He or she can help speed up the process of doing what it takes to delay a foreclosure. It may require a specialist to prove the funds in your bank account are about to be used to make a gift payment. Bank lenders must verify the origin of funds before a borrower can make a gift payment, etc. It is not enough to tell the bank the funds are coming from your bank account, as bank employees can verify this. They need to know where you get your tips, if you receive payroll tips, or not. Do you receive any special pay, such as a vacation pay? Bank representatives must verify all origins of funds, before they will delay a foreclosure.

How long does this process take? Usually, it is a two to five day process. For those who are willing to do what it takes to delay foreclosure, it is possible to end the process. A lender must verify funds before a borrower can say he or she is up-to-date with the mortgage payment. By doing this, you can stop foreclosure proceedings. If a family is current with foreclosure payments, the foreclosure process must stop. A family is not delinquent in their loan payments. A specialist, who is familiar with foreclosure law, can help a borrower develop a solid game plan. There is no one who does not know wants to get out of foreclosure? They may, if they realize they will fall into the same vicious trap. Families need a clear plan of how they are going to avoid foreclosure. If you use all these tools, a family can do what it takes to delay foreclosure and remain free.

Organizations, such as Save My Texas Home, have helped hundreds of Texas families to save their homes. It is a good option for homeowners who want to have foreclosure alternatives, but they do not know where to look. This organization works with government and non-government agencies. If you need help saving your Texas home, you can call Save My Texas Home, today, at 512-271-5044. You can also visit them online at

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