Chase Bank on the Decline?Chase Bank on the fall?

JPMorgan’s Chase bank is undoubtedly one of the biggest in the USA. Chase bank is the second-largest mortgage service provider in the USA. But on a negative side, Chase bank is one of the banks in America that get most complaints about mortgages.

In the recent past, Chase bank unveiled a long list of its lawsuits. The bank is still sued by a lot of investors mainly due to the Mortgage Foreclosures and loan modification issues. The bank played a big part in the $25 billion with the government over abusing customers with Mortgage Foreclosures issues. Recent studies show that JPMorgan Chase gas fallen far behind in mortgage servicing.

The customer’s satisfaction over the banks service has fallen deeply. It is now at the number 10 rank in the annual survey conducted by J.D Power and Associates. This survey calculated customer satisfaction over mortgage service provider. JPMorgan is now ranked behind its competitors like Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo and Co. and many others in the J.D Power and Associates 2015 ranking. It was only last year when J.D, Power scale ranked them as No.2 by homeowners. This shows how much the bank has fallen in terms of the quality of service provided.

Even though the metrics of the survey is different every year, such a huge fall in a period of just one year is no good. JPMorgan has vowed to take actions to improve their ranking next year. But how far it goes still remains to be seen. Just like all other lenders, dealing with JPMorgan’s chase is also a difficult one to deal with when it comes to the mortgage. A vast number of complaints were filed against the bank in the past few years over mortgage issues. Loan modifications, collections and foreclosures are the major issues about which people complaints.

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Many customers complain that bank have given them unclear terms on reduced payment’s trial period. Constantly changing payment schedule is another issue customer’s face. People also complain about income-based repayment plan of the bank. Pеoplе arе not happy with thе bank’s rеluctancе to discuss foreclosure alternatives or their attitude towards renegotiating payment agreement when they go through a rough financial patch.

Some customers claim that they never failed to make the payments but are still threatened with foreclosure. A fair amount of customers were complaining about loan servicing. A lot of people are worried about collectors not processing their payment on time, which will end up with them paying late unmerited fees. People often fear that collectors ignore the grace period or purposefully fail to credit the count to make them pay extra late fees. Confusion over Payments and escrow accounts received a few complaints.

Processing of the application for the loan, settlement signing are other areas where people are worried. Confusion over credit offers and underwriting are also a concern for many people.

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