If you have enough time before your house is to be foreclosed, then your best option may be letting us help put your home up for sale. With experienced realtors you are likely to have your house sell fast and for more money than if you sold it on your own.

A real estate agent can use MLS (multiple listing service) to efficiently market your house where most home buyers are looking. The disadvantage of selling with a realtor is the commission (~6%) and the time to sell is longer than some other options, but the advantage of having a good realtor is worth the cost to many people, as they will be able to get a higher price and most important, only real estate agents with experience can navigate rough waters, which unfortunately do tend to come up in real estate.

We are experts in Texas forelcosure prevention, so we can utilize strategies that agents won’t tell you about. If after consultation you decide to sell your home, we can connect you with a top real estate agent. We then apply our strategies in working with the agent to help make sure you get the most benefit possible from the sale.

If you call us to discuss, we will go over several other foreclosure avoidance options in addition to listing your home. Oftentimes listing with an agent is the best route for homeowners with equity, but it’s up to you. Our consultation and assistance is free no matter what you choose.

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