Foreclosure process in Texas

The foreclosure process in Texas is frustrating for many mortgage holders. According to The Mortgage Bankers Association, Texas is one of 10 states which has the most delinquent mortgage payments. More than one out of every 10 Texans is facing foreclosure. To make matters worse, 8.41 percent of Texans admitted missing a loan payment in 2008. Now, you can fast forward to 2015. There may not be as many homes in foreclosure, but Texans are still struggling to keep their homes.

Why have many have struggled with the foreclosure process in Texas? When mortgage-lending practices were more relaxed, many companies were providing borrowers with subprime mortgage loans. Companies lent to borrowers and were well aware they had bad credit and were extremely high-risk for defaulting on a mortgage loan.

Try not to let your emotions take over during the foreclosure process in Texas

It is common to let emotion get the best of you, if you are going through a foreclosure. It is hard not to be angry and blame yourself. It is also easy to get angry with the people involved, the mortgage company, and the bank. Anger is a common response for families facing a foreclosure, but action is going to get things sorted out again!

Going through a foreclosure is never easy. It can be very scary, especially if it is the first time. Many Texans may worry how much foreclosure will damage their credit. If you have had good credit for the past two years before going into the foreclosure process in Texas, your credit may not take as big of a ding as you think, but better to contact specialists and avoid any further damage to your credit.

So take a breath, step back, and give us a call at 512.271.5044 or fill out the contact form. We’ve helped many Texans stop the foreclosure process, save their credit, and keep their homes.


The foreclosure process in Texas can be challenging, but don’t despair

It is not uncommon for many people to feel depression or anxiety if they are going through the foreclosure process in Texas. You worry because of the financial problems. Long-term worry can take its toll on your health and make you feel anxious and unable to sleep well, which exacerbates the whole situation. It can easily be chalked up to the foreclosure process in Texas! We advise you to contact us so you have someone on your side, fighting to stop your foreclosure.

It may be easy to embrace the worry while you are going through the foreclosure process in Texas, but dare to be different. Stop thinking of the problem and focus on the solutions. Better yet, call a company that offers free expert advice to homeowners going through the foreclosure process. You do not have to be happy about the situation, but it may help to explore the countermeasures you can take if you are facing foreclose. Do not wait until the day of the foreclosure auction; take action now.


If you would like some free advice or want to know what your options are at any stage of the foreclosure process in Texas, please give us a call at 512-271-5044.

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