How to Avoid Foreclosure

Hurricane Ike brought problems for the Brinkleys. It damaged the Houston couple’s house and the couple had to move out while repairs were made. Then, they lost wages and got five months behind on their mortgage. The couple hoped they could get a loan modification loan. They spoke out to Houston’s Fox News, hoping they would not lose their house. They told about how the companies that promised to help them get a modified mortgage loan only took thousands of dollars. The Brinkleys needed to know how to avoid foreclosure.

“We knew that we were behind on the mortgage. But we were hopeful that since the bank was handling the property claims that they would know there is a hardship and that we were trying to take care of both,” Michele Binkley said.

The couple got their first foreclosure notice after five months of missed payments. It seemed hope was going for the couple. They had only been trying to figure out how to avoid foreclosure. They couple was hopeful they could work something out with the bank.


How to avoid Foreclosure

In Texas, there are three types of judicial foreclosures, non-judicial foreclosures and quasi-judicial foreclosures. In Texas, once a homeowner receives a first foreclosure notice, known as a “notice of default.” Within 20 days to 30 days, a second foreclosure notice is sent. The second notice is a “notice of sale.” The foreclosure process is quick.

If Houston homeowners want to know how to avoid foreclosure, they need to seek help when they receive a notice of default. Texas’s foreclosure process is two steps. Homeowners have a short time to avoid foreclosure. Many do not know how to avoid foreclosure, and they are embarrassed to ask.

Talk to you a trained foreclosure specialist First and the bank Second

Once you receive a notice the mortgage payments are in default, your bank may want the entire mortgage loan amount upfront. A Texas homeowner needs to know how to avoid foreclosure, because it may not be possible pay the mortgage loan in full.

Foreclosure may seem imminent. However, if you have experts on your side who are familiar with the Texas foreclosure process, you can turn things around pretty quickly! Many Texans do not realize there are fully trained, foreclosure specialists, who can offer personalized assistance and the help is free. All any Texas has to do is pick up a phone and call, 512-271-5044. There is no charge to get free advice to help you learn how to avoid foreclosure and save your Texas home.

If you are facing foreclosure, it can be easy to panic, but we’re here to help you find the right solution.


Do not ‘bank’ on the bank helping You

The bank may be willing to willing to work with a homeowner to change loan mortification terms or extend terms, if they have not received a second notice, a notice of sale. We can help you with that too… still, there are no guarantees. What do you do if a bank loan specialist is not willing to work with you to modify a mortgage loan? How do you avoid foreclosure?

A foreclosure expert can help you find the best way to proceed in learning how to avoid foreclosure by calling 512-271-5044. The call is free and you do not have anything to lose. We’ve helped many Texas homeowners with custom built solutions to help them stop foreclosure.

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