Housing values are rising; the number of bank-owned foreclosures is up as well

San Antonio may show signs of recovery with its job market, but are the positive signs enough to erase the fact bank-owned foreclosures are holding steady at 20 percent? Many Texans do not know what to do after they do get a foreclosure notice. Luckily for Texans, there is an organization that offers them free advice and help.

Employment rates may be rising, but it this news may be of little comfort to San Antonio borrowers who are facing mortgage foreclosures. Though foreclosures nationwide have dropped, foreclosures in the San Antonio area have risen in the two years. There may be one piece of good news for those who are fighting to hold onto their houses. If they can manage to pay their mortgage loans and avoid foreclosure, the value of their Texas home is rising. The year-to-year appreciation rates are up 8 percent, and most Texas homes are worth $185,500.

Luckily for Texans, foreclosure is a process that does take time and if borrowers move quickly enough, they might avoid watching someone else buy a house that they have lived in for years. From start to finish, Texas homeowners have 44 days to save their Texas homes. This is the very least amount of time a Texas foreclosure may be completed. It may depend on how quickly the mortgage lender declares you as being delinquent in making the mortgage payments and pursues the foreclosure process. It may take longer than 44 days for a lender to foreclosure on your house.

Many Texans may not understand the foreclosure process. They do not know what the next steps should be if they do receive a foreclosure notice. The fight to save your Texas home is not over once you receive a notice. You still have time to save your house, if you act quickly. The problem is many San Antonio residents may not know what to do. Save My Texas Home, an organization that works with homeowners to save their homes is an organization that can suggest government programs that homeowners can utilize to save their houses. Many of these government programs will help the unemployed, the union workers, military personnel, and other homeowners to keep their property.

Texas residents can call Save My Texas Home to learn all the options that will give them the advantage when it comes to saving their house. They will guide homeowners through the various options and even act as go-between with them and their lender or other agencies. Many Texans simply are not familiar with these free government programs and may not know where to look to send an application. At Save My Texas Home, we can help. Our specialists can suggest the best options for homeowners who are going through the foreclosure process, and guide them step by step.

Do not give up! You may be going through the foreclosure process, but it does not mean you will lose your house. Any Texans facing foreclosure have options, such as holding a short sale or getting a FHA loan. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars to get assistance, either. We provide free advice to San Antonio and all Texas residents. Our number is 512-271-5044, you can give us a call today or fill out the form.

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