Texans fighting to save their homes may have a new Ally

While many Texans are looking to find a good deal on a home, others are simply looking to keep their house. One organization, Save My Texas Home, is offering free help and resources to keep Texas families in their homes.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – ‘Save my Texas home’ has long been the battle cry of Texas families facing foreclosure, but a Texas company of the same name is stepping in to help them save their homes. To date, 1,700 Texas families have avoided foreclosure. This has been largely thanks, in part, to the efforts of Save My Texas Home. There are also many other charitable, non-profit, government programs that can lend support, as well.

The Corpus Christi area has a number of foreclosed properties for sale, if home buyers want a good deal. Some first-time property owners may not know what to expect when they buy a foreclosure. They may be unprepared to handle the average cost of repairs to a foreclosed property, which studies show is at least $5,000 for basic repairs.

Save My Texas Home can help first-time buyers find the counseling they need, so they can make a wise house purchase. The company aid does not stop with helping Texans get foreclosure prevention services or pre-foreclosure advice; specialists can help Texans find the help and the relief they need. The company serves as a liaison between many government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that provide cash and grant assistance. Help is given to military families, union workers, and the unemployed, the disabled and other kinds of homeowners; many Texans need support to save their distressed properties.

According to Realtor.com, there are several great reasons to hold onto your home, if you are facing a foreclosure. You may have decided to buy a house in the Corpus Christi area. The national realty company’s study found a homeowner has a value, which is 49 percent higher than those who rent.

The Federal Housing Administration offers mortgage modification loans, where borrowers can lower their mortgage payments and extend the length of their loans. There are local programs borrowers can utilize and get the help they need. Some local programs offer grants or cash assistance, if applicants qualify. Borrowers have a number of options to save their house and Save My Texas Home can guide you through which options are best for your situation.

Do you need help finding the right resources to save your home? Save My Texas Home can help. To speak with a specialist about your needs, call 512-271-5044 or fill out the form for fast, free assistance!

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