How to Prevent House Foreclosure in Texas

People often invest their money in buying property. Aside from providing them an adequate place to live in, they can also use it as collateral if ever they are in need of money for an emergency situation. Yet, if you failed to make repayments, then there would be a greater possibility that the lender will foreclose on the property. There are stages of foreclosure that you should be aware of so that you can prevent losing your property.

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Stages of Foreclosure

• As what is stated above, missing payments for your mortgage will give rights to the lender to foreclose the property. As you can see, there are many people these days who are suffering from financial crisis thus hindering them from paying the money that they have borrowed.

• If you failed to pay the mortgage for 3 to 6 months, then the lender can post a public notice in front of your property to give you a warning that you might lose your house.

• There would be a pre-foreclosure where in the borrower will have the chance to settle the money that he had borrowed. If the borrower can pay then the foreclosure will be stopped but if not then the foreclosure will go on.

• If the loan is not paid off, then the property will be put to auction.

• If the buyer did not pay for the property then it will be owned by the lending institution.

Ways to Stop a Foreclosure in Texas

If you are afraid of losing your home because of foreclosure, then you have to search for effective ways that can help you get back your property. It is not that easy for anyone to accept losing a property. With the amount of money that you have spent for the hоuse, it is just nоrmal that yоu dоn’t want tо let go of it. So let us help you fight for your home. We’ve helped many Texans and we’d love to help you.

You can consider the following tips:

• Acquiring Help from a Housing Counselor

If you are in need of relevant information about renting a home, buying a property, credit issues, and foreclosure avoidance, then you can search the web for a housing counseling agency. You don’t have to worry about paying for the service because they can offer it to you for free with the help of HUD’s Housing Counseling Program. Or contact us at Save My Texas Home, as we can help you get in touch with all relevant agencies and programs as well!

• Ask for Legal Assistance

Gaining more knowledge about the laws imposed for foreclosure can help you avoid foreclosure. Like for example, for elderly and disabled, you are permitted to avoid foreclosure.

Getting legal help can be extremely expensive. We recommend you deal with a free government agency or contact us and we will lay out for you all the options available for saving your home and/or your credit. Time is of the essence. Fill out the form on this page or call 512.271.5044 for fast, free, professional help with stopping foreclosure in Texas.

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