Looking for Help with Foreclosure in Texas

Getting away from the effects of financial crisis can seem impossible. Yet, no matter how far behind you are with your mortgage, there are steps that can be taken to help with foreclosure and save your credit, if not your home as well. If you are unsure where to start, make things easy on yourself, and contact us for free help with stopping foreclosure today. Our services are always free and we’ve helped many Texans keep their homes. We work with many government programs and agencies to be sure you are aware of the very best options for your given situation.

How to Deal with a Foreclosure

Instead of accepting the fact that your property will be foreclosed, searching for ways on how you can stop the foreclosure will give you the chance of getting back your property. It is advisable that you inform the lender about your present financial situation for them to know why you have failed to pay them.

Foreclosure will take place once you have failed to pay the lender with your mortgage payment. You have to keep in mind that if your property if foreclosed upon and sold, then you can no longer claim it back.

But if you take immediate action you have a great chance of stopping foreclosure. Listed below is the process on how foreclosure will take place. Contact us if you have any questions, as we can help you at every step along the way, so long as your home has not already been auctioned off.

• You will receive a Notice of Default wherein you are given 20 days to settle the mortgage under Texas Law.
• If the borrower is unable to pay the mortgage then a Notice of Sale will come next.
• Because your property is for foreclosure sale, the highest bidder will get the property and the ownership will be transferred.
• The new owner has to right to file an eviction notice if ever that the former owner still occupy the property.

Foreclosure Help that You Can Find in Texas

When facing foreclosure, acquiring free consultation from the Department of Housing and Development can help you avoid foreclosure. You can call them with these numbers 800/569-4287 or search for a housing counselor online. It can be a good idea to prepare relevant information about your mortgage before you start a conversation with a counselor. This will makе it еasiеr for you to undеrstand еach othеr and have the solution you want to stop the foreclosure.

Searching for Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Specialist in Texas can also be of a great help because they can suggest you ways to stop the foreclosure like putting your property for a short sale. Refinancing your mortgage and modifying your mortgage loan can also be added options for you to save your property for foreclosure. You can also think of applying for Home Affordable Modification Program as long as you can present proofs that you are going through a financial struggle that makes it hard for you to pay your mortgage. The earlier you inform the lender about your financial situation, the better because you still have the time to prevent foreclosure.

The above are all options Save My Texas Home can help you with. We regularly work with many government programs and agencies and we’ve helped many Texans stop foreclosure. Our services are free. Let us help you evaluate which options are best for you and also how to take the next steps. Fill out the form on this page or call 512-271-5044 and we’ll get back to you with foreclosure help you can use now!

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