How to Get Help with Mortgage in Texas

Are you worried about losing your home because of foreclosure? This is not new to most borrowers because with the status of our economy it can be very hard for us to improve our financial standing thus resulting, for many, in a failure of paying the mortgage. You have to be aware with the stages of foreclosure because it doesn’t mean that you will lose your property in an instant. This will go through a process first before you finally lose the rights for your property. So take action now before it really is too late.

Find Mortgage Help in Texas

There are various ways on how you can get mortgage help and assistance regarding your problems with foreclosure. Support is widely available in Texas, particularly larger metro areas such as in Dallas and Houston. You can also look for relevant information about existing programs in Texas that can help you settle your bills. Or look nor further and find help from an organization that covers all the bases. Save My Texas Home can help you by putting together a set of options that best suit your particular situation. We work with many government agencies and programs so we can make sure you are not overlooking the best options for saving your home and/or credit.

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When dealing with mortgage issues, the state of Texas will instantly recommend you to try the Hope for Homeowners Program. This type of program will help you prevent losing your property because of a foreclosure or a default. You will have to pay the mortgage with a fixed rate within 30 years. Because the term for you to pay the mortgage was extended, you will feel alleviated in making repayments with a lower interest rate that will suit your budget.

The Hope for Homeowners Program will become successful if both the lender and the borrower will sign an agreement that they will participate in the program. You should know the requirements on how you can get mortgage help so that you can process it right away and avoid losing your house. You can contact the lender to know if you are qualified for the program or you can check the following factors that will give you the right to get the mortgage help that you deserve.

Factors that will make you become eligible for mortgage help:

• You consider your home that you are living in as your primary residence and there should no other properties where you stay or you consider as your second home.
• You have acquired the existing mortgage on or before January 1, 2008, and paid six mortgage bills.
• You failed to pay the existing mortgage bills without any types of help.
• You should have paid your total monthly mortgage payments more than 31% of your gross monthly income as of March 2008.
• You have to prove that you were never involved to fraud within the past 10 years, there is no default of your bills, and by no means provide wrong information just to get your existing mortgage.

If you have all the factors listed above, then it only means that you deserve to claim a mortgage help. You can also call Department of Housing in Texas with these numbers 1-800-525-0657 to know more about their programs that can help you with your mortgage. Take advantage of the help available around you if you don’t want to lose your property.

If you’re unsure if that is the right program for you, or want to make sure you’re not also missing other opportunities, contact us at 512-271-5044 or fill out the form on this page and we can walk you through ALL the options for your given case. Our services are always free.

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