Options for quickly preventing foreclosure

Almost thousands of homeowners have been filing complaints against their respective banks due to problems caused concerning the substandard loan modifications (also commonly known as debt-rescheduling), poor paperwork, unfair evictions staunching from mortgage issues, foreclosure department and a lot more. Chase Bank, USA, has also been one of the perpetrators.

“Chase Bank has so many overlays resulting in your loan application rejection anyway”, says Leo of Sunny side, New York.

Adrienne from Chicago says that despite regularly paying off the debt payments, when he applied for loan modifications, the bank only granted him with unemployment forbearance which he accepted by staying in good faith. When for the next time he tried again, once more forbearance was issued.

When nothing works, people have put faith in ‘Save My Texas Home”, well known for its professional services and a strong-minded team that helps homeowners with preventing foreclosure. Acting as an intermediary between the Bank and the borrower, Save My Texas Home makes the communication much easier and smoother, ensuring favorable decision for both parties.

Save My Texas Home offers multiple services for preventing foreclosure, for instance; they contact potential investors who can purchase the respective house in a very short span of time without getting into the hassle of home inspection and repairs etc. This, commonly known as ‘fast cash sale’, enables homeowners raise equity fast. ‘Short Sale’ is another opportunity Save My Texas Home provides to its clients by helping the borrower avoiding additional damage to their credit whereas for the lender the threat of non-payments is abridged.

‘Equity Partnering’ is yet one more service delivered by Save My Texas Home for all the homeowners facing loan modifications and foreclosure issues with Chase Bank. Here the team provides a platform for the homeowner who, for instance, wants to renovate the house before selling but is out of additional cash. So, a deal is signed with trusted investors who purchase the house and sells it further sharing almost 1/3rd of the profit with the homeowner.

Often an agreement of preventing foreclosure is ‘selling home with mortgage assignment’ where the respected investor transfers the deed in his name. The benefit shared is equal as homeowner gets to earn some cash whereas the investor can claim his rights on the property.

The next service offered toward preventing foreclosure is ‘selling the house and renting it back’. Save My Texas Home here enables homeowners to seek potential investors willing to purchase the property and still permit them to offer it on rent. This service is best for homeowners who need to stay in the same area for schools or jobs. They do not have to bear the problems of shifting to a new place.

Another option for preventing foreclosure presented by Save My Texas Home is ‘cash for keys’. Homeowners here are offered cash by the bank or the respective investor in order to help them leave the foreclosed property.
Loan Modification as previously discussed has also been one of the most common problems faced by the clients of Chase Bank. Save My Texas Home thus, also provides a service where it contacts the bank appealing for either reduction in interest rates or loan payments.

At times, Save My Texas Home helps the homeowner in getting the ‘temporary restraining order’ passed from the court which doesn’t really stop the foreclosure but gives enough time to homeowner for other options to be considered. Last option for preventing the foreclosure may be by ‘Claiming bankruptcy’. Claiming bankruptcy isa means of preventing foreclosure effectively but often impacts the economic operations of an individual’s life adversely.

Nonetheless, a homeowner mustn’t forget that calmly handling the situation in case of foreclosure is always recommended and without wasting further time worrying about what to do next, action must be taken. Not sure which way to go? Contact us by filling out the form or calling 512-271-5044. We have helped many Texans with preventing foreclosure. Let us help you!

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