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If you live in the Houston area and are facing foreclosure or behind in mortgage payments, contact us now and we can help you STOP foreclosure, save your credit, and hopefully help you stay in your house too. There are many options for Houstonians facing foreclosure. If you contact us we can help you determine which options are best for you. Our services are always free.

Foreclosure is difficult for any family, but having to go through foreclosure when you did nothing wrong is even more heartbreaking. Brian and Khanklink Pyron made their payments on time and did not miss payments in the two years they made mortgage payments to their lender, Bank of America. The Pyrons are not losing their house because the missed a payment. They are losing their house because the title to their house was not transferred to a new lender.

The Pyrons had been making payments. Then, tragedy struck. Wells Fargo, the mortgage lender before the Pyrons moved in, held the title. The company in charge of transferring the couple’s title went bankrupt, before the transfer was complete. The company never transferred the Pyrons’ title and now, the couple is facing foreclosure. It is a sad story; it is enough to make anyone say ‘Stop foreclosure Houston.’ Wells Fargo holds the Pyrons mortgage and wants $170,000. The couple’s mortgage was only originally $135,000 and the couple does not know if they can pay $170,000. Complicating matters is the fact the couple may not be able to get a loan. They do not know if a lender will loan them money if the house is listed as foreclosed.

‘Stop foreclosure Houston’ may be gaining Steam

The Pyrons are not the only couple to face foreclosure for a situation beyond their control. It is heartbreaking the couple may be forced to move through no fault of their own. However, their tale of woe is one repeated more than you think; it is sad for those who are losing everything and want to stop their foreclosure.

In 2011, an older Florida couple lost their home to foreclosure because they made a mortgage payment too early. In Massachusetts, a man faced foreclosure because he had not paid the $0.00 his lender said he owed, via a letter. A  Florida woman almost lost her condominium because she did not make a $4.70 payment. These sad tales have some questioning if they are adequately protected. Borrowers sign mortgage loan agreements, but are they aware of the grave risks? Some people decided to file a foreclosure settlement against major banks in a class action suit; they vowed to ‘stop foreclosure Houston’ and stop foreclosure nationwide.

The foreclosure settlement failed because several states’ attorney generals’ worried banks would not receive punishments to match the grave foreclosure errors. They might get off to easily for errors, such as what happened to the Pyrons. Where is the accountability? Some Texans are asking this, as they call for changes to the foreclosure system and processes.

Are you facing foreclosure and need some advice or have you started to fall behind on mortgage loan payments?

You may not have experienced a situation, like the Pyrons. You do not need to. Every foreclose situation is a stress and reason to say ‘stop foreclosure, now’. Call us if you need advice or are in danger of losing your house. It is better to call us sooner than later, as then there are many more options available. Please call us at 512-271-5044; we are here to help you!

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