What can I do if my bank keeps avoiding my mortgage modification request?

There’s no worse feeling than the possibility of losing your home to foreclosure. Texas law takes into account a few missed payments, but interest quickly adds up and if you can’t apply for a mortgage modification, your options may seem limited.

We spoke to Anthony* who recently faced – and solved – this problem by using the foreclosure prevention resource service Save My Texas Home.

Missed Payments

“My mortgage plan gave my 12 day’s grace to pay back a missed loan payment,” Anthony says. “But there’s a 5% late fee and I simply couldn’t afford it. I’d recently lost my job and had no income.

When I realised that I could no longer afford to pay back my mortgage, I began to look into loss mitigation options. But at this point, my bank keeps avoiding my mortgage modification request and I’m running out of time. Texas law gives me 120 days from my first missed payment to find a solution before they file for foreclosure, but at this point it was looking like a very real possibility.”


In June, 2015, Anthony’s mortgage servicer filed for foreclosure.

“I tried to explain – ‘the bank keeps avoiding my mortgage modification request but I’m looking for work and should be able to keep up with payments as soon as I find a job.’ But it was too late – I’d received the breach letter and there was nothing I could do. This is when I heard about Save My Texas Home and thought I’d give them a try.”

Foreclosure prevention services

“I explained the situation to Save My Texas Home; that the bank keeps avoiding my mortgage modification requests and now I have to face losing my home entirely. From the start, they were extremely understanding and helpful – as a resource for foreclosure prevention services, they see this type of thing every day and could assure me that there were still options.

They managed to get me in touch with trusted investors and sort out a solution. Then, without even having to go to court, I was able to save my home and modify my mortgage payment plan to suit me. The whole process was fast, easy and pain-free.”

Save My Texas Home

Save My Texas Home is a foreclosure prevention resource for Texas homeowners. With a professional team and thorough knowledge of Texan law, Save My Texas Home is the best option when you’re faced with foreclosure. Having helped hundreds of Texans stop foreclosure, Save My Texas Home is a company you can trust.

So if you’re asking “what can I do if my bank keeps avoiding my mortgage modification request?” like Anthony, give us a call at 512.271.5044 or fill out the form to the right and a specialist will get back to you within a day in most cases.

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