What it Takes to Delay Foreclosure with Wells Fargo

If you are facing a foreclosure on your home, the most important thing is to not panic. A foreclosure is never a positive solution for you or your lender, and many banks, such as Wells Fargo, have services available that will help homeowners get out of foreclosure, or even avoid the process all together. But if you’re having problems with your Wells Fargo mortgage, we may be able to help you. We regularly work with lenders and government agencies to help Texas homeowners delay foreclosure and save their credit.

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For Wells Fargo, the foreclosure proceedings do not start until the fourth consecutive missed payment. Once the proceedings begin, statistics have shown that the average time that it takes to complete a foreclosure is about two years. Of course in Texas this is not always the case and can go as fast as 21 days in some cases! Foreclosure laws vary from state to state, but there are several tactics available that can help arm you with what it takes to delay foreclosure.

While nobody likes paperwork, when it comes to tools to delay foreclosure, paperwork is your best friend. By waiting until the final deadlines to file the necessary paperwork, you can easily gain extra time to put together your action plan for getting out of a sticky situation.

Foreclosure delay attorneys specialize in paperwork filings that can help delay foreclosure. Sometimes they look for errors in the foreclosure filings, such as lost paperwork or improperly filed notices. Once these out of court tactics have been exhausted, a foreclosure delay attorney can really help you when going to court is your only option. That said, we also offer quick assessment of several programs and options available for Texans to not only delay foreclosure but save their homes from foreclosure in the future.

Even if you are closing in on foreclosure, there is a good chance we can help you! Contact us today and we can quickly assess your needs and best possible courses of action. Call us or fill out the form for quick service. We will assist you in every phase of the process to delay foreclosure and stop it from happening in the future.

Once in court, your attorney can perform a number of delay tactics, such as asking for written statements from all parties. Legal jurisdiction arguments can be made that will ask that the case be moved to a federal court, and out of the county. Your lawyer can also ask for paperwork to prove that the lender owns the loan. The time gained by these tactics can sometimes add up to as much as two months.

Even if your home is in immediate danger of being foreclosed, it is possible that you could still save your home by filing for bankruptcy. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, all creditors must immediately stop collection efforts due to a court ordered automatic stay, which typically lasts three to four months. This can be a necessary tactic to delay foreclosure by forcing all credit activities to be suspended for a time while you reorganize your debts. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy could even stop the foreclosure proceedings permanently and force the lender to accept up to a five year repayment agreement.

If saving your home is not an option, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy could still help you stay in your home longer by providing additional time to get your finances in order and save money. This extra time will also allow you time to work with your lender to negotiate more favorable foreclosure conditions.

Foreclosure delay does not usually mean cancellation. It is important to note that while many banks such as Wells Fargo offer helpful mortgage assistance programs, the timing of approvals and paperwork do not delay foreclosure proceedings. The tips presented here to delay foreclosure could buy you the time needed to work through a financial assistance program or procure the funds you need to get your home loan back on track. Our goal is for you to not only delay foreclosure, but come up with a plan of action that will keep your home from the threat of foreclosure in the future.

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