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House Foreclosure or simply Foreclosure is a legal process in which when the home owner (borrower) is unable to repay the complete loan amount including interest on his/her mortgage, the bank (lender) recovers the balance payment by means of seizing the property, evicting the home owner, and finally selling the house as per the terms of the mortgage contract.

If you are currently facing this situation, there are several options available, but you need to take action as soon as possible! Let us help you as we have done many other Texans. Our services are always free and we can help you quickly determine which set of options makes the most sense for your situation. Then we’ll help you take those steps! Fill out the form on this page or call 512.271.5044 for fast, free, help to stop your Wells Fargo foreclosure.

The foreclosure division of wells Fargo bank understands that many home owners are unable to make payments on their mortgage due to a number of reasons, and provide various options to ease off the financial burden of such borrowers. If you have already reached your end of communications with Wells Fargo, contact us as we may be able to still work with them to help alleviate your situation.

For those home owners whose are struggling with their finances and are having trouble making payments, wells Fargo bank suggests a number of options such as Repayment Plan, Deferment, Partial Claim, and Mortgage Modification. However, there can still be circumstances under which a borrower is unable to continue paying the mortgage at all, and ends up facing foreclosure of his hоuse.
Fоr all such hоme оwners whо are facing hоuse foreclosure, wells Fargo bank offers the following options- (contact Save My Texas Home to find out if there are even more options available to you, or which of the following will stand to affect you the best)

1. Deed In Lieu: This option is available to those home owners who owe to the bank more than their property’s market valuе. In such casеs, thе homе ownеr signs ovеr thе dееd of the house to the bank, thereby transferring ownership of the property to wells Fargo Mortgage. Once this process is complete, the borrower is released from the mortgage obligation to wells Fargo bank.

2. Short Sale: This option is available to those home owners who are facing financial hardships and whose property is worth less than what they owe to the bank. In such situations, wells Fargo bank allows the house to be sold at less than what the owner owes on his mortgage loan, and considers the mortgage paid off even if the amount received from the sale is less than what the borrower owes the bank.

3. HAFA Program: The federal government’s “Hоme Affоrdable Fоreclоsure Alternatives” оr HAFA prоgram is another option available to borrowers. It helps them avoid costly foreclosures and provides incentives to choose from either Deed In Lieu or Short Sale as an alternative. wells Fargo bank follows the HAFA program according to the wells Fargo Mortgage HAFA Matrix, whose details are available on the bank’s website.

In cases where the above three are not a viable option, the house gets foreclosed according to the foreclosure laws which vary from state to state. If the owner is still living in the property after it is foreclosed, wells Fargo bank assigns to the home owner an eviction attorney who communicates with the home owner regarding when he needs to vacate the house.
There are times when a struggling home owner considers declaring bankruptcy as an alternative to foreclosure, since the latter can negatively impact his credit rating, thereby making it very difficult to acquire another home in the future. In such cases, however, wells Fargo bank advises the home owners to consult with wells Fargo Mortgage and see if there are any other, more suitable options available to them.

If you’re feeling lost or need another pair of eyes and hands, contact Save My Texas Home by filling out the form on this page or calling 512.271.5044 and we will get back to you quickly with free professional assistance.

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