Successfully navigating the foreclosure process in Texas

The foreclosure process in Texas can go by in as few as 41 days, so homeowners who are behind in mortgage payments really need to take action before they get the first foreclosure notice. Of course many homeowners hold out hope and do their best to make efforts… right up until they DO get a foreclosure notice. So if you’re one of those folks, take the next logical step and reach out for help before your house is lost in auction on the courthouse steps.

The foreclosure process in Texas can be relentless and downright stressful, on top of being a very short process in many cases. For these reasons it can be very relieving to have professional help on your side. There are many free programs and government agencies that can help homeowners get out of trouble and keep it from happening again.

Our organization, Save My Texas Home, provides free assistance to Texas homeowners that will guide them through and successfully out of the foreclosure process in Texas. Not only are our services free, but we regularly work with the free government agencies and other programs so we can make sure homeowners get the best of all the available programs and the best of what all the relevant government agencies have to offer. Instead of just working with one or two agencies or programs, by calling us, you will have multiple agencies and programs working for you.

Some states have a redemption period where even after a home has been foreclosed upon the mortgage can be ‘redeemed’. Remember though, Texas is NOT one of these states. The state of Texas has no redemption period, so once a house is sold in foreclosure auction, that’s it; there is no turning back at that point; no way to reverse the foreclosure process in Texas once it’s gotten to that point.

If you’re behind in payments, are about to get a foreclosure notice, have gotten a notice… no matter where you are at in the foreclosure process in Texas, your best bet is to utilize some professional help to turn things around and get on top again. Better yet, get free assistance!

Too many homeowners wait until they are deep into the foreclosure process, and then out of worry and panic end up paying thousands to a lawyer when they don’t have to pay anything to get quality guidance and hands-on assistance from professionals.

Let us help you. We have helped hundreds of borrowers dealing with the foreclosure process in Texas. We can help you save your home too! But we need to hear from you so we can accurately assess which options are going to put you in the best position moving into the future. We don’t want to stop your foreclosure today just to turn around and find you in the same position a couple months down the road. We want to give you the tools you need and a solid plan to keep you safely far far away from foreclosure from now on!

Give us a call at 512-271-5044 or fill out the form on the right and we’ll get back to you with options and suggested game plan. Not only is our counseling free, but we will walk you through every step of the foreclosure process in Texas –our services for hands-on assistance are also free. Let us help you today!

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